I'm Martin Higgins, a multi-skilled lighting freelancer with experience in lighting console, media server operating and vision supervising. I have worked on various TV Productions and Events internationally.

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As well as working in television, I also volunteer as an engineer for Royal Free Radio, a North London Hospital Radio, and am competent in a range of coding languages such as PHP.

Please feel free to get in touch.

Need for lighting in TV

When TV was in its infancy, studio facilities were built so that cameras could film in a controlled lighting environment. For the original Iconoscope tube cameras, that had a low response to light, a lot of light would need to be cast on the subject and set for it to be seen in the way the director would want on… Read more →

Mic Live Signage

The task was to use two Raspberry Pi computers to interpret when a microphone in the studio is ‘live’ and to display a ‘mic live’ warning on a monitor hanging in the reception area of the Radio Studio. The Studer Micro Core sound desk can be setup to send a GPO whenever a mic fader is raised from its end stop.… Read more →

Come Sing With Me 2018

Back in China again for a different singing format show on Hunan TV. This time we were asked to provide programming and operation for Come Sing With Me. We were involved with the show in 2017, but this year consisted of more lights and more shows! Working in tandem with Joe Holdman, the other show’s programmer, we completed 12 episodes… Read more →

Singer 2018

Working for Tom Sutherland of DX7 Design, I was asked to programme and operate the lighting for one of China’s biggest TV shows on Hunan TV. Singer 2018 showcases a variety of established singers competing to be crowned in the series finale. This series saw Jessie J take to the stage in Changsha and take the crown. Working in parallel with… Read more →