I'm Martin Higgins, a multi-skilled lighting freelancer with experience in lighting console, media server operating and vision supervising. I have worked on various TV Productions and Events internationally.

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As well as working in television, I also volunteer as an engineer for Royal Free Radio, a North London Hospital Radio, and am competent in a range of coding languages such as PHP.

Please feel free to get in touch.

Singer 2018

Working for Tom Sutherland of DX7 Design, I was asked to programme and operate the lighting for one of China’s biggest TV shows on Hunan TV. Singer 2018 showcases a variety of established singers competing to be crowned in the series finale. This series saw Jessie J take to the stage in Changsha and take the crown. Working in parallel with… Read more →

I Am A Singer

I was asked to fly out to China to light the final two episodes of ‘I Am A Singer’, a Chinese singing contest broadcast on Hunan TV. The Show is watched by over 100 million viewers and is one of China’s biggest shows.   Read more →

The Chase

I was asked by James Ashdown to cover him on Generics for The Chase, an ITV daytime quiz show, for a day. The show was operated from a Compulite Vector Ultra Violet. The show’s LD is Tom Kinane. Read more →

Virtually Famous

I was asked by Alex Mildenhall to cover one date on Virtually Famous, a panel show produced by Freemantle Media for E4. The LD for the show was Gemma O’Sullivan, with Generics Op Marc Nicholson and Vision Controller Dave Roberts. Read more →