2014 Showreel

2014, Martin Higgins Showreel. Containing both lighting console operation and lighting directing work from the past 2 years.   Shows and roles in order: The Music Show – Student Production – Lighting Director and Console Operator (ETC Element 40) Ravensbourne Fashion Show – Degree Production – Lighting Director and Console Operator (Compulite Vector UV) Richard II Q&A – RSC In… Read more →

Ravensbourne 2014 Award Show

In June 2014 I was tasked with designing the lighting for Ravensbourne’s Degree Show Awards Show. This aired live on Freeview on June the 16th 2014. The Awards show is aimed at recognising Ravensbourne’s final year student’s work with a selection of different categories. The show had band performances and live acrobatics, which I have had to cater for in… Read more →

Hashtag Lighting – Twitter Controlled Lighting

I have decided to work on a project using Twitter Hashtags to interact with event lighting design. For this project I will use the ENTTEC Open DMX USB serial converter with a Raspberry Pi running OLA ( to process the data from the Twitter API. After a little bit of trial and error, I have managed to get the RPi to… Read more →

The Degree Show 2014

This year I was given the position of Lighting Designer for Ravensbourne’s graduate event, The Degree Show. The degree show is an event held in mid June that showcases the graduates of Ravensbourne’s work. My role on the show was to produce lighting plots for both the architectural building lighting and for the broadcast areas. I had worked on The… Read more →