Naked Attraction – Channel 4

Simply described as ‘A daring new dating series that starts where some good dates might end – naked’. I was asked by Tom Sutherland, the lighting designer, if I could operate the intelligent fixtures for this show. Will Charles was the lighting director for the series, with Marc Nicholson operating the generics desk. This consisted of operating the LED pars… Read more →

The Code – BBC 1

Quiz show hosted by Matt Allwright, with help from expert Lesley-Anne Brewis. Locked in a safe a jackpot prize is building, waiting for a team to crack a three-digit code and take home the cash. I filled in a couple of dates for Oli Lifely / Alex Mildenhall operating the Vector which controlled both the generics and the intelligent lighting… Read more →

Filming With Natural Light – The Revenant

The Revenant, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and with cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki, has made headlines for being a cinema release feature length film that does not rely on the use of artificial lighting. This style of filmmaking has been seen before, when Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg came together to create the Dogma 95 manifesto. The Dogma 95 manifesto uses an avant-garde filmmaking style, where… Read more →

8 Out Of 10 Cats – Channel 4

I was asked to operate the intelligent rig for the ‘8 Out Of 10 Cats’ series 19 Christmas and New Years special. This meant controlling the Hippotiser media server which fed the projected onset screens, and a variety of LED equipment throughout the set. Read more →

Celebrity Big Brother UK vs. USA

I have been asked once again to fill in some dates operating the Hippo media server for the Celebrity Big Brother live shows. These days are particularly useful to me, as it allows me time to sit down and play around with both the Compulite Vector operating system as well as getting hands on with the Hippo media server. Read more →

Illuminating Paintings For Film and TV

After recently helping to light a live broadcast from inside Buckingham Palace’s State Rooms, I was curious to read up and do some research into how lighting for film and TV can affect paintings. My findings will help to determine what equipment would best be suited to such a shoot so the lighting doesn’t have any lasting damage on the… Read more →

Do We Need Lighting?

With the quality of camera sensors vastly improving in recent years, allowing shooting in low light levels, there poses a question of whether artificial lighting is needed to create film or TV now. I have conducted research into this subject, and have included my findings below. For the full paper, please contact me. Camera Technology Advancements In 1891, Thomas Edison invented… Read more →

Michael McIntyre’s – Easter Night At The Coliseum

I was asked to operate the media server which supplied the graphics to the back LED screen, and additional elements for Michael McIntyre’s – Easter Night At The Coliseum. This required playing back time-coded video for the performances which were custom made to match the beat of the songs. Read more →

HTML5 Audio with SHOUTcast

Whilst updating the Radio Enfield website, I decided to change our online embedded flash player to a more modern HTML5 audio with SHOUTcast. I have detailed how this was possible below. Getting SHOUTcast to play in HTML5 To create a simple stream with the default browser controls, the only code you’ll need is: <audio controls autoplay> <source src=”http://server:port/;”></source> Unfortunately your browser… Read more →

Raspberry Pi – Full Screen Information Board

At Radio Enfield, The presenters used to read information about upcoming shows from a white board. In today’s age, this is old hat. We now use a dedicated Pi to display a full screen digital information board that automatically updates/refreshes every 5 minutes. What we used: Raspberry Pi – Model B – Running Raspbian OS. DVI Screen connected to the Pi… Read more →