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Need for lighting in TV

When TV was in its infancy, studio facilities were built so that cameras could film in a controlled lighting environment. For the original Iconoscope tube cameras, that had a low response to light, a lot of light would need to be cast on the subject and set for it to be seen in the way the director would want on… Read more →

Singer 2018

Working for Tom Sutherland of DX7 Design, I was asked to programme and operate the lighting for one of China’s biggest TV shows on Hunan TV. Singer 2018 showcases a variety of established singers competing to be crowned in the series finale. This series saw Jessie J take to the stage in Changsha and take the crown. Working in parallel with… Read more →

The Guild Players

For almost 10 years I have been a part of my local Amateur Theatre group, The Guild Players. I have helped behind the scenes with their lighting on over 30 of their productions to date. In my time with the group I have helped upgrade their lighting system from their original Zero 88 analogue system,  to a newer DMX. The new… Read more →

Charlie’s Kitchen

Recently I was a researcher for a small cooking show called ‘Charlie’s Kitchen’. For most of the day I was acting as the home economist, preparing ingredients and arranging food for stills pack shots. Before shooting I helped light the area, and during recording I was operating camera on a dolly and track. Read more →

Hashtag Lighting – Twitter Controlled Lighting

I have decided to work on a project using Twitter Hashtags to interact with event lighting design. For this project I will use the ENTTEC Open DMX USB serial converter with a Raspberry Pi running OLA (opendmx.net) to process the data from the Twitter API. After a little bit of trial and error, I have managed to get the RPi to… Read more →

The Degree Show 2014

This year I was given the position of Lighting Designer for Ravensbourne’s graduate event, The Degree Show. The degree show is an event held in mid June that showcases the graduates of Ravensbourne’s work. My role on the show was to produce lighting plots for both the architectural building lighting and for the broadcast areas. I had worked on The… Read more →