With the current Covid-19 outbreak, It’s been a week of picking up the phone to hear the same news time and time again. My right finger now has RSI from deleting everything from the calendar.

Whilst times look bleak right now, it’s important to acknowledge that the entire world is going through the same stresses, and help is being setup to be available when needed. I for one am looking forward to clearing my head of work and coming back with a rejuvenated approach when life resumes.

The entertainment industry can be volatile and unforgiving at the best of times, so an added stress with the uncertainty this outbreak brings may become overwhelming to some of my colleagues. The vast majority of us, as freelancers or directors of LTD companies, are only earning money if we’re working, so many could face financial troubles during this time. I’d recommend reading through this information if you are worried about your finances: https://filmtvcharity.org.uk/coronavirus-financial-advice/

If you’re in a fortunate enough position to have money you can donate during this distressing time, I’d also urge you to give to the Film + TV Charity. https://filmtvcharity.org.uk/support-our-work/donate/

I look forward to seeing all my colleagues and clients again when the play button on life is pressed again.

Stay safe,

Martin x


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