We are thrilled to announce that we recently had the honour of being part of the lighting programming team for the ‘King’s Coronation Concert’ held at the magnificent Windsor Castle tasked with delivering a visually stunning display that matched the grandeur of the event.

Nigel Catmur, the lighting designer for the show, created a very specific design to allow for suitable programming for the eclectic range of performances on stage as well as revealing the form of the Union Jack flag created by lighting and trussing for the National Anthem. It was a pleasure to be asked by him to take the lead in programming the effects lighting. Other talented programmer working alongside me were Dan Street (effects lighting), Oli Lifely (Key lighting), Matt Lee (screens programming) and Corey Newton (ER Lasers).

Dan Bunn lead a very talented team from Lite Up to put the rig together and deliver a system effortlessly.

The effects lighting was programmed with 3x GrandMA3 Lights in session running MA3 mode ( and key lighting used multiple Compulite Vector Greens (main, backup and backup of the backup) merging into the Art-Net via the MA system.



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